"I was just as infinite as the strings, but along the way I was bound to unravel. There comes a time when the strings wear thin and before you know it, you break." - Unparalleled

What inspired my story?

The concept sparked from the string theory. It is the idea that combines quantum mechanics and Albert Einstein's theory of general relativity to explain physical reality. That particles are actually one-dimensional, string-like entities.

I let my imagination run wild. I envisioned the world thousands of years from today. Humans evolved into superhumans, and they made the dimensions into new worlds separated by a glass barricade.

The fourth dimension is called the Dead Land, where the Ascendants rule the children encamped in a poor suburb. The fifth dimension is called the Lost Paradise, and this is home to the Raidens.

The Ascendants are mind manipulators and can possess the mind into believing visions that may, or may not be real. The Raidens are warriors who have invincible scars. They are mortal enemies.

The main characters are Raidens. Natalya Wells, Eve (Evanna) Grey, Jance (Jansen) Grey, and Ronan Surestrike. They all have a secret that could jeopardize their world and each other.

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"The monsters live over the wall." - Unparalleled

What makes my book unique?

Everything, including persons and places, are 100% my own. If you want something other than vampires, werewolves, and other fantasy tropes, then you've come to the right place! Check out a NEW fantasy world filled with unique superhuman characters you won't find in any other novel. 

You'll read from the perspectives of Natalya, Jance, and Evanna. They all hold deadly secrets, but only you will know...until they have to tell each other.

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"Graffiti art could scream without making a sound." - Unparalleled

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