What begins as a revenge story against some slimy, so-called 'friends' Everest Young discovers the invisible wars existing in everyone across America. Except for those who control the propaganda.

A New Adult Fiction Novel

It’s the year 2222 and propaganda controls all the stories in 2 funnels: news and entertainment. 23-year-old Everest Young is a nobody trying to figure her life out. Soon after she is hired at a top corporation in the United States, a horrible lie travels about her. Mortified by the betrayal of her friends, she leaves. What they didn’t know about Everest is that she wrote everything down.

Knowing she has a competitive story for the entertainment sector, she moves west where propaganda is filmed, produced, and delivered, by her surprise, in a matter of days. The fictional spin on her true story soaks up the attention of millions of viewers and breaks their hearts. Marveled as a brilliant storyteller, Everest and her new friend Braydon, discover the power of instantaneous widespread propaganda. 

Until she watches the film herself. 

Everest is startled at the accuracy of the story and the details known about her betrayers. As she receives a new job requiring top secrecy, she signs her life away as a propaganda producer. After Everest comes back from being trapped underground for weeks of training, she knows:

-Every kid who stole candy from the store.

-Every person that has cheated on their partner.

-Every murder left unsolved.

There is secret propaganda filmed about everyone and she knows it all. Everest finds out the invisible wars existing within people all across the country, except for those who control the propaganda. 


Everest Young is here to remind them why she is named after the mountain many failed to climb.


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