When did I know I wanted to be a writer? I don't know, I always was one.

I grew up in St. Charles, MO, the ultimate suburbia. No really, it's nothing exciting. I remember coming up with crazy, unexplainable stories in my head as a child. When I was in first grade, they claimed I was dyslexic, I had trouble reading. Then it was ADD because I had trouble paying attention. Honestly, I was always living in a different reality. When I was 12 years old I started picking up fantasy books and the rest is history!

Here are a few fun facts:

  • I love coffee. You can always find me in Picasso's Coffee House. If you're ever in the greater St. Louis area go check it out!
  • My personal motto: Be humble, be kind, and be brave.
  • I love to lift weights #gymrat
  • I've worked as an early childhood teacher and a personal trainer.
  • My favorite food is sushi.
  • My favorite book is Great Expectations by Charles Dickens.
  • I share a birthday with the famous C.S. Lewis (For Narnia!!!)
  • I listen to any kind of music. From Post Malone to Breaking Benjamin and a bit of Luke Combs in there. I can vibe with anything.
  • Yes, I love graffiti art. It's in my book...you'll see, just read it.

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